Thursday, February 14, 2008

time to say goodbyes

We came back down to Phoenix Saturday evening and then spent Sun with all the family again. We made lots of special memories with my grandparents once again. It was so fun to see the very young and old interacting! Grandma and Grandpa seem so resigned to their lot in life. Very touching to see that what they have lived for most of their lives is all they have left now. They cling to God and one another now more than ever and it helps us all to see that serving God is so worth while.

Lisa's Half Marathon

Finally the day I had been training for arrived!! It was an absolutely beautiful day...sunny, clear and about 45 degrees at the start of the race. Friday night Uncle Jim, Aunt Kirsten, Dad and us went to the pre-marathon pasta feed which was awesome. Then up bright and early Saturday for the 8am start. My dad and Jed decided last minute to do the 5k toether. Jed was so excited. He was pretty proud of himself foe finishing. First the full marathon started and then us about 8:15. About 7:30 my nerves kicked in and I remembered that pre-race feeling from high school. It was an incredibly hilly course with almost no flat surface. But around each turn we made it got more beautiful. We wound around and over and through the mountains. It was so peaceful and serene.
My goal for the race was 2 hours but I actually finished in 1 hr 48 min. I came in 54th our of 516 men and women and 4th in my age group. 15th out of all the women. So I was pretty pumped. It was more fun than I'd imagined and I can't wait to do it again!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Trip to Arizona

We very much enjoyed the thawing out process on our trip to Arizona. However we are officially frozen again! HAH

We flew out of Minneapolis with my dad on the Feb 1 and arrived back home on the 11th.

We enjoyed my cousin's 5th bday party at the park on the 2cd. We spent Sunday with my grandparents and aunts and uncles and then Monday we took Jed and Jera and hiked up Chau Beaut. They both did very well. Wed we hiked Squaw Peak with Uncle Larry and then after meeting we heade up to Sedona.

Thursday Jed golfed his first 9 holes with daddy while Jera Brock and I swam in the outdoor pool at the condo. Friday we went to the Out of Africa Wildlife park where we saw a tiger splash show, a predator feed, and talking birds. Very neat place to visit if you ever get Sedona way.