Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cookie has been with us for 3 weeks now! She is adapting well and so are we. She is lots of work but lots of fun too and has been really good for the kids.

My little Lady

Jera and I went to a Bridal show fundraiser for the hospital. She insisted that she must dress up like a princess since all those other pretty princesses were going to be there. We had a really fun lunch while watching the show. It is awesome to be able to do somethings like that together. Hope she'll always want to hang out!!!

Spring brings lambs and chicks

We spent last Saturday at Ron's sister Nancy and Wilfreds. They are in the middle of lambing and the day we got there the chicks starting hatching so the kids had a blast as well as the parents.

Little Cookie is up to about 5 pounds now and doing well. She is very easy
Cookie trying to get jed to wake up and play.
Brock and Cookie are best of buds. They have both learned the meaning of respect in the last couple of weeks!
Daddy spinning the kids around in a laundry of there favorite pass times!

Brock decided that he no longer was going to sit in his high chair so for the first time in 5 years we put the chair in storage. It was harder than I thought. My baby is growing up!!
Jed is getting really bored with winter.. can you tell??
Jera helping Brock do summersaults.

Tom, Susie and Ethan Pfingston came and spent the Easter weekeen with us. Ethan and Brock were so cute together. We spent Good Friday in Fargo at the children's Musuem and then on to scheels where Ron bought his mountain bike . He is down about 15 pounds so far and getting into biking alot. So of course I am very proud of him and all his efforts! We had an egg hunt on Saturday downstairs which the kids thought was great. Me too as it included chocolate.

My kids actually getting along....aawww!

I always like to take advantage of moments like these. Then I can remind myself that they can be so sweet sometimes.

A day at the farm!

We spent a Sarurday at the Ron's sister Carries dairy farm. The kids enjoyed the horses, cows, dogs and kittens. But right now their favorite is still cookie. We've had her for a whole week today.