Friday, August 22, 2008

Jeds first day of Kindergarden!!!!! I cant believe it!

This was definately as hard as everyone says....for me that is!!! Jed was just fine.. he put his things in his locker and ran into the class room without so much as a good bye! So the teacher took compassion on me and let me go into the classroom so give him a hug! I was so worked up that I went through a red light on the way home..oops. Ron was close to tears too although he would never admit it. He didn't even notice me going through the red light HAH But Jed had an awesome day and came home with lots of stories and a cute song he had learned. Guess we'll be having nightly entertainment now!!

Jed in daddys bike shirt

Mike and Jayne came out with the girls and the kids and us of course had an awesome time. Great to have the kids together.

Fun with Auntie Diane on the Pontoon

Happy 2cd Birthday Brock....2 already!!!

More caming Pictures... that's pretty much how we spent most of July

Camping with Hills, Paul, Janice and Sara

Fun In July