Friday, January 4, 2008

Brocks Ice Cream Cone

We are so glad to be home. Ron's sister Diane was here for a couple days and then last night things were back to normal... me and the kids and daddy gone overnight for work.... home sweet home!!
Brock made himself right at home while eating a cone... not sure who enjoyed it more... us watching him or him eating it!

papa's pad

We stayed at papas Saturday and Sunday night. We had plans to be with Mike and Jayne for lunch Sunday but Jed woke up puking again Sunday morning so once again plans were changed. We hung out at dad's for another day. Jed was sick all day Sunday.... poor guy! We were going to just pack up and go home but Pauls told us to attempt to come there to help celebrate his birthday. Monday we awoke to no puking, just snotty noses and coughs. So we made our way to Uncle Pauls. Got there in time to see Richard and Luann for a bit.
So Happy New Years it was... the kids and I were in bed by 10pm... yes I'm getting older I guess! I think that was my earliest News years eve ever! Ron and Paul went over to Stevens for a few hours and saw the New Years in. Tues we headed her home and made it with no problems... I don't think I was ever happier to be home!!

sick days/ fun days

I spent the day Friday sick in the hotel sleeping... all by myself!!! Ron took the kids to Pedigos cabin where they went snowmobiling and sledding. Then they all went to Pedigos for supper and Eric and Dorena Killam were there. Sorry I missed you all!! Maybe next time. Unfortunatly Jed got sick all over again so we headed to Papas. We were supposed to go to Mom's but with all of us sick and Mom's husband Micheal also sick we postponed that until Sunday night. The kids loved the pool and enjoyed the hotel. It was nice to be able to rest up a bit.

fun at Dougs

We enjoyed a couple of days at Doug and Karenas. Of course no trip with little kids can go as planned so Wednesday night when Jed threw up it really wasn't a surprise. He was still sick Thursday so we started to change plans. We were supposed to be with Brent and Rachel Thursday for supper in Madison but had to cancel that. SORRY GUYS! Maybe next time. Our plan to stay with Dave and Becky Pedigo changed also when I began to feel the dreaded OH NO I"M GOing PUKE feeling. So we ended up in Ripon at a hotel!! Yeah

Xmas Dinner a day early

Doug n Karena hosted an awesome christmas dinner. All the Carrolls were there as well as dad and Mike and Jayne and girls. It was so fun to be together. A little crazy of course with 10 kids under 7 years old. Lets just say there was not one quiet moment...well maybe when we were giving thanks for the food HAH!!

Sunday December 23

We arrived at Uncle Dave and Aunt Arlenes after a somewhat hairy drive through a snowstorm in IA. We were pleasantly surprised to find my cousin Rebecca was there. She found out last minute that she was able to come home for a week.

The kids enjoyed playing with family and cousins. Hard to believe that all us cousins now have kids to play with each other. Times have sure changed over the last 10 years!!

Fun to be with dad for a few days too. The kids can never get enough of there papa.

A quick visit to Paul and Janices where we met Carl, Heather Mark and Landon for breakfast. The kids wore off an amazing amount of energy before we hit the road to Illinois.

The Start to our trip

We made a 10 day trip to Illinois and Wisconsin leaving on Friday th 21st

Ron had an all day meeting in Fargo on the 21st. The kids and I spent the day with Don and Minnie Smith and Eric and Evelyn Butcher. Of course the highlight of there day was swimming in the pool at Minnie's apartment. We left for Minneapolis late afternoon and arrived at Paul and Janices that evening.

a few pictures of our home

Some of you have been asking what our home looks like... here are a few pictures of the upstairs.

This is our view (the better part of it) from our kitchen window...looking the other way we can see Dairy Queen, taco Bell and more of the city.

This is the living room ( I call it the coffee room!)

This is the family room/ play room whatever room.