Thursday, December 13, 2007

Little Pianist

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Brock has taken to the piano of late and is quite proud of himself! He loves to pound and then clap.... pretty big stuff!!!

Our newest kid er... big people toy!

On Saturday Ron and I actually went shopping together all day without kids!!! Not exactly the smartest time of year to do this but all the same we had a blast!! I think it's been 4 1/2 years since we've taken a whole day to do this together. Of course about a 3rd of our day was spent at Scheels Sporting Goods store and our biggest purchase was an air hockey table but hey that's par for the course if I expect him to go shopping for a day. (And I really like the air hockey table too!) The kids have already spent hours on it.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Winter Survival Land

We've had a much better week...the kids all have nasty colds but thankfully Jed's new asthma meds are working good so we haven't had any ER visits!! Brock continues to have diarrhea daily...poor guy! He has definatly lost weight but is eating good and drinking good. You'd think with this sub-zero weather we've been having the bugs would die....guess they've learned to live through it out here.

The kids have enjoyed having Alivea here to play with. Gives them something new to fight about... "she's my!! She's mine!"....anyways. We have been making use of our YMCA membership as it seems to be my sanity lately. Thankgoodness for drop-in daycare. I usually work out for about an hour and then go take a peaceful shower all by myself. Often we leave Brock their while I take the older two to the pool. Ron has been going some evenings to play raquetball with his brother too.
I am still running. This week has been good. I decided to get some over priced winter running clothes so have been enjoying chilly early morning runs in the snow. I sure wish ND knew what salt was... takes forever to get rid of snowy roads without it. Yesterday I ran 7 miles outside and then did 4.5 at the Y last night. Not too many weeks left before the marathon so working extra hard lately.
Hugs to everyone

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My Nightmare!

It's been a bit since I updated so here's the latest. The kids all have colds but the worst is over. It all started last Wed. at meeting. Ron was out of town so I bundled the kids up and off we went to meeting. Half-way through prayer I hear this little urp sound and look at Jed who is gagging. So i throw Brock down in the middle of meeting and grab Jed to run for the bathroom. He proceeded to throw up all over me and himself as we left a trail for the bathroom. Good thing we made it there as he was all done by the time we arrrived!!! HAH I really tried hard to find a hole to crawl into but none was to be found. Soon I heard a vaccuum and everyone came to help. Meeting was put on hold until we left. We borrowed some clothes and headed home. Jed continued to lose his cookies every 15 minutes all nght long. I joined him mid-way through the night and Jera joined in at 6am. Brock woke up at 7 with diarrahea from neck in front to neck in back. So there we were all of sick and no daddy. Needless to say Ron got and SOS phone call and he came home.... not to help but because he was sick too! AARGH!! Well we made it through so hope we don't have any repeats tonight at meeting!! I decided I didn't need to add any photos of that little episode in our lives!!!