Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cookie in the snow!

The kids are trying to convince Cookie that snow is wonderful but I tend to lean towards Cookies feeling of YUCK already!! She however is beginning to like especially with the our warmer weather the last 2 days.

And then their was 6.....

Well we finally decided on a puppy for our big news this year!!! Little cookie joined our family on Saturday. The kids are in love and so am I although my new baby has gotten me up more times at night then any of my babies ever did! HAH She has been a good puppy so far. She is beginning to figure out this potty training thing but we have a ways to go yet. The first day the kids were able to do about anything to her but she is starting to put the brakes on especially for Brock who will pick up whichever part of her is handy. She definatly needs her sleep too and wears out much quicker than they do. I'm sure that will end soon. Here's a few pictures of our little 4 lb bundle. She is a Rat Terrier.

Jed gets glasses!

One way to satisfy a want and not a need!


Brock loves his ice cream especially in a cone! Guess we should have remembered a bib!!

The rest of February

We enjoyed a nice Valentines Dinner with Steve and Audrey Veldkamp and their 2 kids.